May 23, 2024

What is a Torch Flame Lighter and How to Refill It?

Yuexin |Junior Brand Manager Cricket
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If one asks me what lighters to choose for outdoor use, I recommend looking at windproof torch flame lighters. Think about lighting a fire for a barbecue in your yard on a sunny day with a light breeze. Or consider going camping in weather that's unpredictable and changeable. A good windproof lighter would never let you down. In this article, we will talk about how the windproof function of a torch flame lighter works and how to refill a refillable torch flame lighter.

How does a torch flame lighter work?

As a result of windproofing, described as one of the primary features of a torch lighter, such a product can keep its flame as steady as possible and still ignite items despite windy conditions. In addition, a torch lighter generates flames at higher temperatures than other lighter types. In one experiment we conducted, our Cricket turbo utility lighter and one unbranded utility lighter were tested under the same wind speed of 1 meter per second. The candle placed outdoors was ignited by a Cricket turbo lighter in 15 seconds while an unbranded utility lighter took more than 2 minutes to ignite another similar candle.

What is the secret behind the technical aspect that makes this torch lighter the best choice for use in windy weather? Learn the technical and basic reasons why the right one can smooth your outdoor adventure. I'll explain it plain and simple. The mixture of gas and air in the torch lighter is the key.

For most of the normal types of lighters:

  1. As the gas escapes from the burner hole, it takes up the space of oxygen in the air.
  2. Due to the lack of oxygen used for burning, the lighter generates a relatively low temperature.

While for the turbo lighter:

  1. The gas will pass through a small hole called an orifice, which functions as an air pump.
  2. The air comes into the orifice and is sucked into the gas channel.
  3. Thanks to the air pressure from the orifice, the mixture of gas and air is ejected out of the burner hole at a dramatically faster rate.
  4. This speed leads to a strong flow and can keep the flame straight no matter the position of the lighter.
  5. A proper mixture of air and gas also results in a high temperature of the flame.
Cricket Utility Torch Flame Lighter featured in a forest-theme photography
Cricket Utility Turbo

How to refill a refillable torch flame lighter?

You now know the advantages of turbo lighters, windproof, and powered by hot and straight torch flames. Most torch lighters can be refilled. A refillable torch lighter can be refilled with universal butane gas when the gas runs out. As we mentioned in our tutorial on how to refill a kitchen lighter, it's just three easy steps:

  1. Insert the pin of lighter gas into the hole at the bottom of the lighter  
  2. Hold it for 3 to 5 seconds
  3. Wait 2 minutes after refilling before you start using

Invest in a refillable torch lighter like Cricket Utility Turbo or Cricket Deluxe, and you'll have it for a long time.

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