April 14, 2023

The Safe and Reliable Lighter

Yuexin | Junior Brand Manager Cricket
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To choose a lighter, you must consider a safe and reliable one. In terms of safety, consistency is key, and any unpleasant surprises should be avoided at all costs. A reliable lighter should meet the following criteria: child resistance, fixed flame height, heat resistance, flame extinction, and water resistance. With a Cricket lighter, you will never have to compromise on the quality. Our lab tests will show you why.

A. Child Resistance

The child resistance is developed to have a smooth operation for normal users, whilst children under 51 months are not able to operate the lighter. For our flint lighters, we have made a smaller spark wheel and a metal strip on top. Young children cannot operate the lighter because the strip divides the force. For our electronic lighters, we have increased the spring rate, so that young children are also unable to use them.

B. Fixed Flame

The fixed flame technology in place ensures that every single flame is always of the same perfect height thanks to the system. The height of the flame depends slightly on the ambient temperature. However, it is always within safe limits and will never surprise you. No need to regulate and always safe!

C. Heat Resistance

No matter what the temperature is, you can count on our quality lighters to work. Cricket lighters are heat-resistant to 65° and can be lit effortlessly below 0° temperatures.

D. Self-extinguishing

All Crickets lighters are made from nylon. Nylon offers a wide range of benefits. It is self-extinguishing, resistant to fats, oils, and fuels, as well as strong and impact-resistant, regardless of temperature. The nylon helps us produce very thin bodies while retaining a high gas content. This offers a high gas to plastic ratio which is economical and better for the environment.

E. Water Resistance

Our lighters may not be able to swim, but they will survive a small dip. As parts are exposed to longer periods of time, they can corrode and fail to ignite. You might be able to use them again after they have dried. Lighters can survive a washing machine cycle, depending on the soap.

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