May 23, 2024

How to Refill a Long Butane Lighter

Yuexin | Junior Brand Manager Cricket
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Cricket offers many refillable long butane lighters like Utility Original, Utility Turbo, and Utility Flex.

Is your long lighter out of gas? You should purchase a universal butane gas from nearby shops.

Refilling your lighter is a simple 3-step process using the butane gas:

  1. Hold the butane gas vertically and place the nozzle into the opening at the bottom of the lighter. This will ensure that the gas transfers properly into the lighter without any leaks.
  2. Press the nozzle and hold it in place for approximately 3 seconds. This will allow the gas to flow into the lighter and refill it completely.
  3. After refilling, it is important to wait at least 2 minutes before using the lighter. The two-minute waiting time is especially important. All the "spoiled" gas needs to evaporate and the surrounding space should be free of flammable gas again. Let the gas settle before using the lighter again to ensure a safe and efficient ignition.

By following these simple steps, you can easily refill your long butane lighter and continue using it for a long time. Always be careful when dealing with flammable items and never try to refill a lighter near a fire. Enjoy your newly refilled kitchen lighter and keep it handy for all your lighting needs!

An instructional image showing how to refill the utility lighter

Watch this video for a comprehensive guide on how to do it!

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