June 27, 2024

Cricket Eco: Lighting the Way for a Sustainable Future

Jacob Arends | Managing Director of the Assen factories
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Imagine a future where everyday essentials like your lighter are part of the solution, not the problem. At Cricket, we're working towards that future with our Eco lighters. Born from a dedication to minimizing environmental impact, we launched Cricket Eco in 2020 with a fully recycled nylon body. It embodies an ambition to elevate our brand Cricket beyond a symbol of quality, safety, and creativity – it's our commitment to create a more sustainable world. Today in this article, we will reveal the sustainable journey behind Cricket Eco lighters with the use of recycled nylon.

Can recycled materials power a lighter?

The journey began with a vision: to light the way for a future where every flame comes with a reduced environmental cost. Just like IKEA's pioneering shift to sustainable paper for their catalogues, we faced initial challenges finding suppliers who shared our vision. The challenge? Finding the right materials. Established nylon manufacturers doubted the possibility of creating high-quality recycled material that met our strict safety and performance standards.

But we weren't discouraged, we persevered. We showcased our vision at industry events, connecting with both established and emerging companies. Finally, a collaboration with a fantastic European partner unlocked the key. Together, we developed a revolutionary recycled nylon material that matched the exceptional quality Cricket is known for.

And that's how, in 2020, we launched the world's first lighter body made entirely from recycled nylon – Cricket Eco. We're proud to offer the world a lighter that's not just great, but also good for the planet.

A green Cricket Eco lighter placed on a green table
Cricket Eco

What is recycled nylon and how is it made into Cricket Eco?

The recycled nylon used in Cricket Eco lighters isn't your average discarded consumer products. It comes from industrial production leftovers, a cleaner and more consistent source compared to mixed consumer waste. The transformation process is remarkable.

  1. First, wasted industrial nylon is meticulously ground into tiny pieces, ensuring that dust is extracted and metal parts are filtered out.
  2. These pieces are then melted and reshaped through a process called extrusion. Imagine long, thin strands of molten nylon cooling in a refreshing water bath, then cut into precise pellets– these are the recycled nylon granulates ready to be made into our Cricket Eco lighters.

The production line for Cricket Eco is a testament to our dedication to sustainability. While virgin nylon arrives in massive truckloads, recycled nylon comes in smaller batches. To accommodate this, we've implemented specialized equipment for automatic unloading and utilization. The recycled nylon then travels through a dedicated system to our injection moulding machines, where it's transformed into the familiar shape of a Cricket lighter. And of course, no Cricket lighter is complete without its signature style. We add colours to the recycled nylon body before moulding, resulting in the eye-catching look of the Eco range. This innovative setup allows our factory to produce over 130 million eco-friendly Cricket lighters annually.

white recycled granulates that have been processed and ready to be made into Cricket Eco lighters
Recycled Nylon Granulates

Cricket Eco: The lighter designed for tomorrow

Big changes start small. Global efforts like the Paris Agreement pave the way for a sustainable future, but individual choices matter too. By choosing products made with recycled materials, like our Cricket Eco lighters made from recycled nylon, you can lighten your carbon footprint. It's a small step, but together, these small steps add up to a healthier planet. After all, we believe giving new life to existing materials is better than relying on virgin resources.

The story of Cricket Eco doesn't end there. Exciting developments are driving the future of Eco Cricket. We're actively exploring new waste streams to bring you more sustainable options. We're developing new colours with matt finish, alongside implementing sustainable packaging solutions to minimize our footprint.

Cricket Eco lighters are a symbol of our dedication to a sustainable future without compromising on the joy and beauty of life’s little moments. You can feel good from the moment you pick up your Eco lighter. Choose Cricket Eco and be a part of the change you want to see in the world.

Orange lighter lying on a marble table with canlde and coffee mug
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