April 14, 2023

Metal Lighter Release: Cricket Deluxe

Yuexin | Junior Brand Manager Cricket
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A golden Cricket metal lighter
Cricket Deluxe: Golden

"Metal Finish, Wind proof, Reflintable, Refillable"

Those are the words to define what Cricket Deluxe is, the luxurious metal lighter with a new level of long-lasting life span we are introducing this year.

Unlike our standard flint lighter, Cricket Deluxe gives you another new experience.

A matte black Cricket metal lighter
Cricket Deluxe: Matt Black

When holding the lighter in your hand, the first thing you will notice is the heavy qualitative feel.

With its high resistance to wind thanks to the turbo flame, Cricket Deluxe is the best company when you go camping or outdoors hiking.

Long-lasting quality does not only mean stable flame made for extreme conditions. It also includes the possibility to refill it, ready to be taken on the next journey anytime you want to bring your spark.

A silver Cricket metal lighter with a black branded tin case
Cricket Deluxe: Silver

There are 3 colors of Cricket Deluxe available to explore, golden, silver, and matt black.

What else will you receive when your Cricket Deluxe is delivered? A branded carry-around tin case and two flints.

Welcome to contact us and ask about the availability in your local country.

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