This is our spark.

It is a success story that started more than 60 years ago when the first Cricket lighter was launched on the market. 60 years of innovation, testing boundaries and setting the bar for a whole industry. Today we deliver more than 400 million lighters to 140 countries every year. This is our story. This is our spark.
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The spark for a brighter future.

In 2020 we innovated around how we could contribute to the world and realised a plan we’ve lived with for quite a while. This was the year we took further steps towards a more sustainable future and introduced the Cricket Eco with the first lighter body in the world made from 100% recycled nylon. With a body made of 100% recycled nylon we reduce our CO2 emissions by 76% compared to lighters made from virgin nylon. Henceforth our top priority is to drive innovation on how to further reduce our climate impact. What’s next?


The birth of the Fusion technology.

The 21st century saw the dawning of an experimental era. This was a time for individualism and questioning the norms. In the decade of mashups Cricket experimented on how to make each and every lighter as unique as every person on earth. In 2004, the Fusion technology united two nylon colors in one lighter body. Thanks to the process, no two lighters are alike.

In the 90's we decided to put kids at the center of our decisions.

The nineties brought us grunge, internet into our homes and a whole lot of aesthetics that’s making its way back into our lives again. In 1992 Cricket invented the first child proof lighter, years before it became an industry standard. Further positioning Cricket as the safest and most reliable lighter on the market. The Cricket Child Resistant mechanisms prevents children from operating the lighter without reducing the comfort for adults.

Slimming it down - designing to stay ahead of the curve.

Puffy shoulders, home computers, laser discs, experimental hairdos and the rise of the cell phone. Everything in the eighties was big. It was time for change. In 1985 we said our early goodbyes to chunky design and updated the Cricket lighter body, from an outdated round shape to a more modern, distinctive and slim design.

In the seventies a lot of things changed. Our flame did too.

While everyone was busy perfecting their dance moves in the light from the mirror ball above. Cricket was busy innovating and perfecting the way a safe lighter should work. In 1977 we introduced the fixed flame technology. A proprietary patented system, which signified that the flame was fixed and could not be regulated. The same year we also made our lighters self-extinguishing.

The birth of an eternal flame.

Cricket was founded 1961 in Annecy, France. The first disposable lighter saw the light of the day and quickly became popular. We saw the beginning of a story that still unfolds in front of our eyes almost 60 years later.