Lighters made with you in mind.

All Cricket products are designed and made with the user in mind. We combine a modern shape and design with cutting edge lightning technology. Since day one Cricket has striven to be the most reliable and safe choice in the market.


& design.

The Cricket range of lighters share a distinctive and modern shape. The slim design combined with a nylon body makes it fit perfectly in your hands. All Cricket lighters are designed to be intuitive, comfortable and feel easy to use.

Putting the light on a supreme material.

All Crickets lighters are made from nylon. The benefits of nylon are many. It’s self-extinguishing, resistant to fats, oils and fuels, strong and impact-resistant across a broad temperature range. Thanks to the nylon we can produce very thin bodies and combine high gas content with a slim design.

of the flame.

You can choose between electronic models or flint models in a wide range of colors and finishes. Every lighter comes equipped with fixed flame technology ensuring that every single flame is always of the same perfect height.

Designed to be distinctive.

Flint or electronic, small or big, red or yellow? The choices are endless and there's always a lighter for you. No matter who you are or what brings your spark.

Comes in all colors & design.

There’s really no end to the possibilities when it comes to combining our products to fit your preferences. The lighters in our range comes in a number of colors, designs, digital prints and finishes. What brings your spark?