Setting the future standards for lighters.

With our latest Cricket Eco lighter we have devoted ourselves to contribute to the world by becoming more sustainable. The urge to do our part drove us to innovate around how to create a lighter that made a smaller impact on our climate. In 2020 we introduced the first lighter body in the world made from fully recycled nylon and we are just getting started.

A fully recycled nylon body

The benefits of nylon are many but it’s main features is that it is strong and resistant. Thanks to the nylon we can produce very thin bodies and combine high gas content with a slim design. Nowadays we harvest and reuse this supreme material in the best possible way to leave a smaller footprint when producing our Cricket Eco lighters. With a body made of fully recycled nylon we reduce our CO2 emissions by 76% compared to lighters made from virgin nylon. Keeping the same high quality but with a lower impact on the environment.

Sparks for coming

Since day one we’ve been pushing boundaries by picking up the spirit of the time and will continue doing so. Innovating and setting new standards has become the main core in our DNA. So it’s only natural that our vision embodies not only the time we live in but also the future. Today the Cricket Eco lighters are leading the way but our vision is that by 2025 all Cricket lighters will be made from fully recycled nylon.