April 14, 2023

2021 Cricket Design Contest

Yuexin | Junior Brand Manager Cricket
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2021 was a special year for us at Cricket, as it was our 60th year anniversary.

To celebrate this special year for our beloved lighter brand, we invited designers from all around the world to design our next collections of Cricket lighters. After an internal selection of the best 8 designs among 300 design proposals, our partners and followers were invited to participate in choosing their favorite design on Instagram. In total, we received more than 2000 votes.

300 designs and 2000 votes

We believe every piece of design represents precious sparks from the artists. With the contest, we wanted to encourage the spark of creativity to flow through our lighters and give freelance artists the chance to show their art to people all around the world.

We are excited to show you some warmly applauded pieces of art. To let you know what inspired the designers when creating their designs, we included some of their thoughts behind the artwork.  

A standard lighter with three strong colors that resemble modern art
Metropoli by @cristinafontanaghelfi

“  I illustrate my thoughts through shapes and colors to give meaning to what I see.”

A standard lighter with a cartoon cat wearing a space helmet together with a cow facing towards a hamburger
Spacing Out by @biglidowski

“ Fire making is one of the reasons for the survival and development of human civilization; space exploration is one of the highest foreseeable points of civilization development. It inspires me that we still need tools for making fire, as if there were something permanent in life, despite the vast difference between ancient man and modern man.”

A standard lighter wih a saturated color portrait of a beard man and a standard lighter with saturated color potrait of a girl
The Modernist by @klin.ka

“ The idea for the Modernist collection was born from the curiosity of finding new forms of expression. The Modernist impulse is fueled by the search for an authentic response to a much-changed world. The designs are based on the quote ‘Make it simple but significant’, where art, craft, and technology are united in one product. The main protagonists stand boldly as a reminder that everybody of us is unique, free, and special. So light up the Modernist and bring your own authentic spark.”  

A standard lighter painted with the moon, the rocket, and the astronut
Escaping Earth by @esstudiodesign

 “ The story behind my design is about myself who has been separated from the world a long time ago. It’s like I was disconnected from the real social life in my place.”

Fascinated by these lovely designs? Ask for Cricket in your local stores.

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