February 27, 2024

Essential Camping Tips for Beginners

Yuexin | Junior Brand Manager Cricket
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As we are heading into the warmer months, it is time to enjoy outdoor activities and embrace nature. Whether you plan on hiking with the lightest pack or want a full-blown camping expedition, having a packing list of essentials is the start of a great trip.

Here is the list:

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Lighter
  4. Pan
  5. Knife
  6. Sleeping pad
  7. Wind cover
  8. Sleeping bags
A packing list of items for camping
Packing list

In the following, we will break it into three parts with more tips.

A.   Basic needs: water, and a combined package of ready food and raw food

First, let us start with the basics. Make sure to prepare enough water to keep hydrated and food that will sustain your energy. A good combination is to have ready-to-eat food as well as raw food. Consider eggs, pasta, rice, or oatmeal for your main meal, while packing energy bars, fruits, and nuts for short breaks. Remember to pack basic seasonings to add flavor as well.

B.   Cooking equipment: a reliable lighter, a cooking pan, and a knife

Next, consider how you can prepare to cook. Although cooking outdoors sounds great, you might wonder if special equipment and preparations must be involved. The process could be quite simple. Here's what you'll need. A heavy-duty lighter and a pan for cooking. When making a fire outdoors, safety comes first. Let us give you a few tips:

  1. An ideal location is dry, protected from the wind, but also close to the water so that the fire can be put out easily when leaving.
  2. Be sure to have enough dry wood sticks nearby to last the whole night.
  3. Start by placing small sticks on the bottom, then place larger and larger sticks on top.
  4. Build the fire with small sticks.
  5. When extinguishing a fire, pour water on it and stomp it.

In case you forget a spatula or fork, no worries, nature provides everything you possibly need. Nature ovens can be built from wood, but you can also use the wood to cook as a fork or spatula. You can make pasta, pancakes, whatever you like.

C. Sleeping equipment: sleeping pad, wind cover, and sleeping bags

Hiking or camping usually involves spending one or a few nights outside. You'll need a sleeping bag, a wind cover, and a sleeping pad. While building a bed under the sky, it is most important to keep warm. Here are some tips:

  1. Find a location that is as dry as possible.
  2. Put your sleeping pad on the ground.
  3. Place your outer layer of clothing, which you do not intend to sleep in, on top of the sleeping pad to protect you from the cold coming from under.
  4. If you will be spending the nights in a cold climate, you will need two sleeping bags: a good one that you will wear closest to your body; a simple model is fine as a second layer.

In addition to these tips for outdoor camping, you should always carry a reliable lighter to build a fire. Check out our Cricket lighter selection.

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