Flint Design Spacing Out

Design Editions is our newest line of lighters. Each quarter, we will be introducing a new design so that you can always find a fresh look. Design Editions lighters have the same features as our Flint Original: always reliable and equipped with a childproof rifled spark wheel. Stay tuned!
Destiny of Humanity
Breaking the Grid
Goodbye designers
Internal Extravaganza
Whimsical World
Dopamine Decor
Fearful Clock
Cause and Effect
Olympian Zodiac
Aliens are a social dream
The sound of passion
Meow Style
Light the fire in my heart
Wings of Passion
Urban Strokes
Passion of the champion
Music and Dance
The 1961
The Fade
The Flame
The Icecream
A Lighter
The Spark Philosophy
The Stripe
The Modernist
Spacing out
Call of the mountains
Unusual Abductions
Monster Parade
Light up your day
Light 'em up

A lasting

The Cricket Deluxe lighter is our most luxurious and durable lighter to date. With the casting made out of metal, a turbo flame making it windproof, the possibility to refill and reflint it, this high quality lighter is made to last the test of times. It comes delivered in a branded tin carry-around-case and with a two year warranty for that extra lush feeling.
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Shaping the future. Again.

With our Cricket Eco lighter we have devoted ourselves to look forwards, think long term and become more sustainable. So in 2020 we set new standards and created the first lighter body in the world made from fully recycled nylon helping reduce our CO2 emissions by 76%.
To the future

quality and personality.

Cricket spring designs 2020 focuses on sparks of creativity. We have designs for all parts of the world, every culture there is and for each taste of the palet, just to help express your personality. Look out for that special one in your favourite store!
Cricket ink design lighters